I'm suffering of chronic pancreatitis for couple of years. The disease started only from one acute attack, and now I'm on entsymez and pain medicine (Tramadol). The pain is severe and constant and get worse if I eat something. Entsymez don't relief pain, tramadol helps for a while. My upper abdomen is like 'on fire' all the time, but blood tests (amylase, CRP) seems to be normal and MRI scan show only that I have narrow pancreatic and bile ducts, nothing else. The pain location is usually in central upper abdomen, sometimes on left, under the ribs. Back pain I have rarely.

Doctors don't have any treatment to my condition. Only pain medicine etc. I have read a lot about this disease, and found the research which claims, that antioxidants may help with pain on CP. The treatment consists of daily doses of 600 µg organic selenium, 9000 IU beta-carotene, 0.54 g vitamin C, 270 IU vitamin E and 2 g methionine.

Have anyone tried this kind of treatment?? The research said, that there should be some response after 3 months of this treatment. I have eat these vitamins about 3 three weeks now, and there is no pain relief yet. It would be encouraging to heard if someone had find some help of this kind of cure.

Have anyone any other tips to relief pain in CP? Low fat and amall meals don't bring any relief, because the pain is there, if you eat or not. What about chinese herbs or something, have anyone tried them?

Thanks for Your replies!