Yesterday my husband had a followup MRI, which was done exactly 4 weeks after his initial hospitalization for acute idiopathic pancreatitis. His amylase & lipase levels have dropped from the initial attack, but both levels still remain elevated, and he continues to have symptoms of pain, nausea, bloating and fatigue.

His doctor never called us with the results of the MRI; we only got the results after pestering the office nurse, who told us that he has "several cysts" (in the pancreas). No conversation with his doctor, no advise, no precautions, no followup - other than "you need to see a gastroenterologist"!!

I've read online where he now has a higher risk of complications, due to the development of these cysts. We have no idea how critical his condition may be, and I am so disappointed with his family doctors lack of concern. I am angry that more has not been explained to us. Can anyone comment as to what may lie ahead? Is it possible that he may develop chronic pancreatitis?