August 2012, unknown cause, fell backward striking back of head directy on concrete. No bleeds but huge bruise, swelling all CT's have been normal. Immediately had severe dizziness could not raise head had to take ambulance to ER. Progressively, within 24 hours or less developed headache (frontal, temporal), all teeth painful, jaw painful, tmj, earaches. Now, almost 1 year later, and good care by family physician and neurologist and maxillo-facial surgeon. Started tmj therapy because pain began to extend from temples to ears around to base of skull. Had to stop therapy, neck became stiff (previous misdiagnosis of what was a fracture of C-7 resulting in improper healing) , pain across back between scapulas, and more pain in teeth. I do know crystals in inner ear , both sides were knocked loose. Epley maneuver helped but not permanently. So still pretty mu h the same except bruise and swelling gone. Dizziness some improved. Also have orthostatic hypotension which has resulted in blacking out, normal 100/58. During recent surgery on hand bp dropped below 70/ and was awakened during surgery. If you have experienced such symptoms or have any knowledge regarding this head injury I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks