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Hi all.

This is my 8th day following a coblation tonsillectomy. I thought I'd write down my experience to date as reading other peoples has helped me immensely.

Pre op: I was given a small prick in my hand as pre op meds were given to me on the operating table. Very light headed, as if very drunk. Another needle put in my hand and I was asleep in seconds.

Woke up with a nurse calling my name. She asked me how I felt and I said "Like S***"!

I felt quite a lot of pain on waking and was given morphine shots. Very quickly the pain subsided and within a few minutes I was wheeled into my ward. Smiles from the ward nurse and i dozed.

As I started to come around I was offered coffee and biscuits. I was so full of morphine I actually managed to eat the biscuits and drink the coffee. A little later I ate some macaroni cheese and had more coffee and biscuits.

After about 6 hours I was sent home in a cab with my wife.

The next two or so days seemed not so bad, I even halved my painkillers because I didn't seem to need them.

days 4-7 were really terrible. The pain would not leave me alone. It haunted my waking and sleeping moments. I slept in a haze of pain killers and searing pain in my neck, throat, ears and head. My tongue felt like it was on fire. Don't let anyone tell you its not painful. For adults in really sucks!

Day 8 now and have been pain free when I take the pain meds for most of the day and I am hoping that the worst is now over.

On the plus side I can breath far better than I have been able to for nearly a year.

Happy Christmas to one and all hang in there it really does get better!


Hello. Thanks for the post. I am having my tonsils removed next week. I heard it's really painful, so I am preparing myself for the worse!! I have suffered with those smelly nasty tonsil stones for 2 years . This year got worse and added tonsilitis to the equation. With that, it's finally time to have them removed.

How much time off of work did you all have? I am hearing 1 week will do.


I had my tonsils removed four days ago and day 1 to 3 was bearable but day 4 is almost unbearable. The most important thing is to keep on top of the painkillers and try not to overdo it. Eating is not a problem unless you like sharp food like crisps nuts and poppadums!! I went into hospital for the day. I went in at 8.30am. had my op at about 12 and was out by 5.30pm. The staff were very efficient and i just wanted a cuppa when i awoke from the general anaesthetic. Make sure your drinks are not too hot and try to eat as soon as you can and make sure that the anti inflammatories they give you are taken as directed (usually diclofenic or ibuprofen) when i wake up in the morning it fels like my throat has closed, my uvula is swollen and red and where my tonsils were it is a greyish green colour. I have been told that this is normal. Still if it gets rid of the awful feeling you get when you have tonsillitis it will be worth it. 8)


Dear all,

My daughter is going to have a Tonsillectomy. Can anyone tell me a little more about your procedure of tonsil removal?
what procedure do your doctor recommend: Radiofrequency tonsillectomy or Electrocautery or Coblation tonsillectomy?

I'd like to know which one can reduced postoperative pain and faster recovery. Painless..

Best Regards,