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my hands are always cold for no reason its been going on since i was 9 and im 13 now and my friends think something is wrong with me....even sometimes one of my fingers on one of my hands are cold but the rest are warm and right now my left hand is at regular body temperature but on my right hand my ring finger is cold and my middle finger is cold and i dont know why



the common reason why your hands might be cold is that there is some problem that's preventing enough oxygen to reach them. And one of the most common reasons for this to happen is iron deficiency anemia. Iron allows oxygen to bind and reach all your organs and body parts. You should talk to your parents and see a family doctor - it takes only a simple test to check if you have iron deficiency anemia and if it turns out that you do, the treatment is simple. You'd need to take iron supplement and eat iron rich food. Even if it isn't anemia, it's better you try finding out what it is than to be anxious and not know what's happening

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