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Last night i had a beer, then a gin and tonic, then smoked some pot, then had a cigarette. I began to feel dizzy, then thought I would pass out, felt hot, then sweaty, clammy. Eventually, thought i should lay down but couldn't get up. laid back in the chair, but then saw only very bright lights, not my friends sitting there. My friends became concerned and were asking me if I was joking. I could hear everything they said but could not respond. Eventually it passed, about 15 minutes.
This happens every time i use this combination since i was a teenager. Normally i sense i need to lay down and make it to someplace where i can be flat. It eventually passes. Any health risks...or is this just a combination i should stay away from. What happend?


omg! i did the same thing a couple of weeks ago and i feel the same way!

but i also have another problem: often when i drink a lot of alcohol, i forget everything that happened that night. how can i prevent that and still drink?

i also left a question on sex, please answer it! u seem like someone older than me, so maybe u have advice?