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Hi..ive been an addict for twenty years, but I am now down to 30ml of meth, its a nasty drug, anyway ive just got 15mg morphine sulphate prolonged release tabs... I just want to know if anyone has had any dealings with swapping over, effects and then coming off... thanks.


hey, i did something similar. I was on methadone for a year and attempted to quit cold turkey but i failed miserably. i then pondered for some time how to rid my self of this devilish drug. so i tapered down to 2.5 and i tapered quickly. i then switched over to Hydrocodone for 21 days as withdrawals from methadone can last a Long time. after 21 days and tapering the hydrocodone as well, i jumped off and really felt sick for 2-3 days, i have an entire journal posted on this site documenting my progress

you might consider substituting meth with something lighter than morphine, hydrocodone is addictive but the withdrawals from hydros are not nearly as bad as anything else really. but you have to be strong willed, focused, determined and committed.