Hey guys I'm sorry for bothering but I wanted to hear some advice from you guys. I just recently had sex with my g/f and we used two condoms in the process. With the first condom I didn't feel an orgasm (such as which you feel when your about to ejaculate) but I'm worried I may have ejaculated. When I took off the condom I didn't notice any ejaculate at the tip but I did notice some very small white blotches inside the condom. Before I took off the condom I noticed that the usual tip which is not filled with air wasn't there anymore (It seems as if air got in the condom because it was perfectly wrapped around, or if a liquid was inside...). So to take precaution I continued by putting on another condom which in turn later ejaculated in and noticed ejaculate in the condom after taking it off. Now on the first condom after I took it off I didn't notice any ejaculate (as I did in the first one). What I'm worried about ultimately is that if I did ejaculate in the first one (which I'm not sure I did) is there a possibility that sperm would travel down the shaft and to the outside of the rim, leading to sperm entering her vagina. I'm really sorry about the details but I wanted to make sure you guys could understand my anxiety about this issue. Again, after the second condom i could definitely tell ejaculation took place, but after the first condom I couldn't tell at all because there wasn't any liquid inside the first. Thank you so much you guys again sorry for the long and detailed post but Ive noticed that you guys give great advice and wanted to know if you could please help me.