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Pregnant and confused. 

Had unprotected sex with guy 1 November 12 he pulled out. 

I had my last period Nov,30 2015 and I remember it being very heavy the first day.. And last 1-5 days at the most. 

The month of December I did not sleep with guy 1 at all. Only my Boyfriend (long story) and i don't remember exact dates but we had sex quite frequently that month. 


January 4-5 I did a clear blue test 4 days after my missed period and I got pregnant +3 weeks 


I'm so confused scared and so embarrassed. I feel so stupid for even asking this. Who do you think that father would be?



Hi Guest,

Did you expect your period to start on November 30?

Was that period "normal" for you?

The +3 weeks from the Clear Blue test is only an estimate.  You would have likely ovulated between the 11th and 16th of December.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days max.  The egg, 48 hours max.  Timing wise, 3 weeks is about right.  Your doctor would base dates on your LMP.

If you answer the first two questions "yes" then it is VERY (like 99%+) your boyfriends baby.

Hope it helps.