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I have constant rectal itching, with the skin surrounding my rectum sloughing off. It is constant and the skin is irritated approximately 2 inches around my anus. i had fisure correction surgery, i've tried every cream on the market and this itching and pain associated with it will not stop. it is red and then white around the edge of the irritation. i have skin tags and feel small internal circular "knobs" at the opening of my rectum. i am so tired of this problem. can anyone please tell me what this may be or what i should do to correct this problem? is it possible i have psoriasis of the rectum? psoriasis and escema run in my family. this medical issue is causing me great discomfort and depression. please help me. thank you. linda

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Has a doctor even brought up lichen schlerosus? It can cause itching in the anal and vaginal area.