Hi guys! I have a very embarrassing issue with my anus/ rectum for 2 months now. I have this burning rectal pain. I've been checked twice for hemorriods and there is nothing. My anus looks red on the upper side ( i think i also have a skin tag there) and its always ALWAYS sore!!! I am 4 1/2 months post partum and I am unable to enjoy my new baby or my life for that matter. I fear I may have some serious illness... Some of other issues i have are: a lot of loud burps, a lot of gas and i feel like there are tiny bubbles going up n down my stomach/ intestines. I am never constipated, my stools are soft and a lil watery sometimes. I don't have blood in stool. Please help! Has anyone ever had these symptoms... if so what helped? are ur symptoms gone?