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I had the nerve removed between 2/3 toe on Oct. 12th. Things were going just fine until yesterday when I started to walk (bare foot or without an orthodic) and OMG, a sharp pain (like stepping on a nail) is felt near the arch of my foot - directly under big toe right pass the ball of foot. What the heck is this?????? It's not even near the incision or where the neuroma use to be and I never had this pain before. Did I exchange one pain for a worse pain by having this surgery? Is this going to go away?


What you describe sounds a lot more like "plantar fasciitis" which has nothing to do with the neuroma.

You might want to read up on the topic.



had the sugery twice. In pain all the time now ! 8 years now


i have had surgery for mortons and regret it, nothing but constant pain 5 years after surgery, would never do it again.


I had surgery for a mortons neuroma 2 years ago. I have been in intense
discomfort ever since. I wish i hadn't had the surgery. I had been prescribed various drugs from pain killers to antidepressants, nothing helps. Can anyone suggest something to stop the pain.


Hello fellow Neuroma sufferers...

I went through 2 years of alcohol sclerosing therapy for the treatment of the 3 Morton’s neuromas in my left foot and 4 Morton’s neuromas in my right foot.
I finally could not take it anymore and had neuroma surgery on the right foot (since that was the worse of the two)
My doctor went through the bottom of my foot.
(Even though I requested for the procedure to be done through the top)
Long story short, my foot got worse!
I knew the nerve grew back.
I knew the nerve grew back and attached to my bones.
I was told ...
I had RSDS
it was in my head
if I wanted 'pain relief' I had to sign my life away to a pain clinic.

I was told taking 6-7 luretabs a day was a bad bad thing and that they
rather have me on Fentanyl Patches, Lyrica, Morphine, and Cymbalta.
Even painful and unsucessful nerve blocks in my back.


I finally met a foot surgeon who actually had this surgery performed on his foot last year and he was doing great.

I figured that even though he didn't perform his own surgery he understood what i was going through.

He did an ultra sound.
He said you really don't see nerves but sometimes if they get big enough.
WELL it was so big the doctor sched. me for his next available surgery date.

This monday 07-07-08 (3 days ago) I went under the knife again.
The doctor took out the nerve and it was the size of a small cooked shrimp.
BUT WAIT there were 2 jars...
Yep another nerve.
Another nerve got irritated and chronic-ed out so it was also removed.

They made me wean off all my pain meds prior to surgery so I would have adequate pain relief post surgery.

They are giving me less pain meds now than what I was taking before my proceedure...
I am at my wits end.
I have a cast, a scooter and mind numbing PAIN.

If this surgery dose not go well how can I justify the last 5+ years of my life being handicapped and riddled with crippling pain.

The madding thing is it is obvious WHY this has happened to my feet
They know the cause behind this debilitating condition and nobody is doing anything to fix my feet.

If somebody had some helpful hints on how to cope through this I would greatly appreciate it.
Even information on helping me with the healing process after this incredibably painful surgery would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you and good luck to everyone!
Miss Holley King


Sorry to hear you are also in PAIN>

The nerve can grow back. I had a similar experience and I beleive that

is why I had that pain months after my surgery. An Ultra-sound can be

performed to see if it did. They can't always see in this method but it

is the 1sr step in the direction to detect re-growth


Wow. I am scheduled to have MN on my left foot (between 2-3 toes) next Friday, the 25th of July. After reading some of these posts, I'm more leary than I already was!

The pain in my foot started late last summer (07). I figured I had injured the ball of my foot somehow. After several months of pain, I finally went to a Podiatrist. I had three cortisone injections. The first two worked OK for the immediate 2-3 weeks. The third one seemed to make it worse.

So we opted to try killing of the nerve with dehydrated alcohol injections. I had 6 injections - every 7-10 days. If anything it was worse. I am - a week before surgery. They are going in through the top of my foot. I meet with the Podiatrist today to sign the paperwork, so I decided to Google and find out what others had been through with this. Up until now, I had basically heard 1/2 positive, 1/2 negative. It sounds like many of you have been through the ringer with this surgery. I'm so sorry for that.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I heal quickly and completely! I will let you know.


Hi Holley,

I too have just hasd my 2nd neuroma op on my left foot, had first about 7 years back 3/4th interspace now has 2nd/3rd space done.

I am in agony this time, now been a week and every toe is bruised n black, Im not sleeping am in so much pain.

Do not think theres any alternative to surgery, hang on in there.



Hi all,

I'm not sure if this will help, but I have been in pain pretty much everyday for a few years now. Even hurt when I was lying down in bed. Sometimes I didn't want to get up out of bed and face the pain in my feet. I tried orthotics, had an orthopoedic tell me that I might just have to accept the pain for the rest of my life. I had a great podiatrist who tried cortizone shots, but they only gave some relief for a few days. He recommended I avoid surgery if at all possible. Seeing these posts I'm glad I did. I had thought I'd just live with this.

Then, I met a chiropractor in Markham, Ontario who did a few things that gave me relief. BELIEVE ME at first I was INCREDULOUS and I thought: "HOW is a CHIROPRACTOR going to help my neuroma? He's probably going to just give me more orthotics!" I went in not expecting anything.

*Sometimes when treatments hurt alot, I bite things.
*You may get TEMPORARY relief from firm reflexology.

1. He suggested TENS treatment, it helped and I bought a small TENS machine....they are WONDERFUL! (But give short term relief) They can be coupled with the following for further relief.

2. He did something called ACTIVE RELEASE THERAPY and he stretched my foot and toes, and then used this tapping machine on parts of my foot. It took a few sessions to start really working, but I STARTED TO GET RELIEF!

3. He recommended I follow up with rolling my foot over a golf ball and I also discovered that a mediumsized or large marble works as well...I even try a small marble sometimes.

4. *****IMPORTANT!!!!!***** At first he recommended this every hour on the hour. After all the pummeling and crunching...which hurts ALOT sometimes- but then feels good, if you get my drift, MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ASAP with COLD WATER ***WITH ICE IN IT*** My parents know when I'm doing this because I have to scream to get my feet in. The chiropractor said it's no good without the ice. You may only be able to do it for a few minutes at a time, but once you're foot gets used to the cold you're good to go -don't give yourself frostbite!! If your foot feels too cold, rest it out of the water and take a rest, then put it back when you are ready.

Variations include warm water with epsom salts, absorbine linament with warm water *Smells medicinal* but gives a nice tingle and hot/cold sensation. Try to always follow with the ice water. You can mix and match.

I'm NOT cured, and I still have bad days -especially if I don't have time or can't be bothered with my treatments. I can walk more normally for the most part now, on good days I don't limp, on REALLY good days I feel like I can run -but have always regretted it later! ;-) If I DON'T do my treatments MY FEET LET ME KNOW IT!!! And if you stop working on your feet, they start getting worse again. But I have been maintaining at home on my own and for months haven't had an active release therapy treatment.

For those of you who want to work out again after trying this:
I find exercize -weight training, gentle cardio, helps. Swimming can be good, but can be painful if you have bad days...aquasize can also hurt. BUT for some wierd reason SPINNING can really help! I don't know why. -those bikes that they have classes on at gyms for those who haven't heard of them.

ALSO my Dad bought me a "MOMI ROLLER" it's some kind of strong foot massaging contraption that seems to help as well -once your foot is on it for a few minutes. *I think it's not cheap - just to forewarn* But it MAY be worth it.

I don't know if ANY of these things will work for anybody else, but I didn't know about them before, so I wanted to share. I can't guarantee you'll feel better but I can hope you might get some relief.



i had mortons removal operation thru bottom of my footin 2001....worst thing ive ever done!!! pain 24/7, has ruined my life to a great extent.please look into it carefully guys. :-(


Was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma after an injury to my foot. Tried everything prior to surgery. Cortisone shots, acupuncture, shock wave therapy, physical therapy, othotics, pads, creams, anti-inflamatories, etc.
Nothing worked.
Had surgery January 2007. Now have pain 24/7.......tender spot on bottom on foot. Have for two years tried every alternative treatment as above plus laser light treatment, chiropractic active release, etc. Nothing has helped. Use to have some good days but about 6 weeks ago in desperation had another cortisone shot which has made it worse. Now unbearable all the time. Just had an MRI - nothing showed up except arthritis in big toe and cyst as a result from trying to shift my weight off the sore area. Former MRI showed scar tissue - this time they just said it showed nothing. So found a new sports doctor who is trying everything to help me and has me on Lycria (anti-seizure) drug for people in chronic pain. Have horrible time taking it - side effects and just am not a pill popper also put me on anti depressants, doesn't seem to be helping I'm suppose to up the dose on both but don't think I can stand the side affects and beind doped catch 22 and don't know which way to turn.
Has anyone tried Lycria Elavil or neurontin and if yes has it helped. I know I'm not crazy or imagining this pain, if any pressure it put on the bottom of my foot or I step wrong it feels like a pebble in there......also area is bluish color - seems this has to come out - too scared for a 2nd surgery as if it is scar tissue more could develop and can't imagine being worse if that's possible.
I feel for all of you and wish you well. It's hard for people who are not going through this to understand.


I had neuroma surgery about 3 weeks ago, two removed in leftfoot. Dr went from bottom of my foot. wound is healed and no swelling but having sharp severe electrical type pain from bottom of my foot and thru 2 or 3 of my toes. dr did not put me on crutches or bed rest. in fact only stayed off work 2 days. After reading all this information I am really concerned.
Will this pain go away?


I understand what your going through. I had morton's neuroma surgery 14 months ago in my left foot & 9 months ago in my right foot. the pain has not gone away. My Dr. never told me this could happen. He said the only complication that could happen was a stump neuroma & that was not going to happen. Now I'm told to go see a neurologist.


Just to let you know I had a Mortons Neuroma for past 3 years and getting cortisone injections every few months which were pretty effective. Six months ago had Laser on my foot and I no longer have any pain. My doc tells me that it will not recur. I cannot believe it. Hope this helps someone. :-D