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I had surgery for a Morton's Neuroma on July 31. I first noticed the problem the end of October 2007. I woke up that Monday morning with a knot under the ball of my foot. To try and make a long story short, after putting up with it for so long, I went to one doctor and had an ultra sound and then had it drained. He said it was a fluid filled sac that had gotten infected. Months later I found another doctor, because our insurance changed at work, and he had me go for an MRI and later I got and injection with some stuff to hopefully dissolve it. Well, none of that worked so he told me I have two more options. One-get alcohol injections every week for ten weeks or Two-just have the surgery and get rid of it (more or less).

They did the incision on the top of my right foot between 3rd and 4th toes(the one next to the pinkie toe). I tell you what!....I have had nothing but trouble since. For the first few days I had my foot up about level with my heart and when I got up, OMG my foot felt like it was going to explode! It hurt SOOO bad. It felt like there was lightening going right through my toes...stinging, burning and just down right painful!

After the nurse changed the bandage the first time, there was a little bruising in the arch of my foot. The ball of my foot was really swollen and hard to the touch. A week and a half later I noticed more and worse bruising on the ball of my foot, the arch and also the left side of my heel. And the lightening was still striking more than ever!!

On Wednesday, the 19th of August, I went back to work for just a few hours. I was still on crutches and couldn't even put any weight on the ball of my foot. I could put a little weight on my heel but not for long. I worked 4 hrs Wed., and my foot swelled up like a balloon! And the pain just worsened because of the swelling on top of the pain I had already and the incision looks like it's just not healing. I went ahead and tried to work another 4 hours Thursday and One and half hours Friday. Somebody had to come get me because I couldn't drive yet. I had my appointment with the doctor that day and he told me he had never seen this kind of bruising, swelling and problems as a result of this type of surgery. He put me on some steroids, gave me a tight tube sock and a boot to wear and I go back to see him on September 4.

Last Thursday, the 20th, I was able to not wear the boot and sock and finally got my flip flop on. And until that day, I was still having to use the crutches. Now, swelling is under control and I can walk on my heal only (very slowly) but it feels like instead of one neuroma in my foot, there's three large marbles! The incision is still dark like it's still not healing and the lightening strikes still happen when I move my toes wrong.

I did read about somebody that still had knotts under the ball of their foot after the surgery. What ever happen? Did you have to have surgery again? I wish everybody the best and I'll keep updating as time goes by.


As far as I can tell, you won't need to get the procedure again but I am not a doctor so that's my unprofessional opinion. Can you tell us how you're doing? It looks like you posted this thread a few days ago. Let me know, okay?