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Hi - I started running again after the birth of my 2nd child 2 years ago - I was loving it, getting fit and losing weight. I had been very active playing sports all of my life and often got schin splints and had been given orthotics for this. I commenced getting pain in my foot and was also playing netball at the time and just thought it was a little niggly pain so kept playing netball and running/walking approxi 6-8 klms around 4-6 times a week. The pain between the little toe and next on approximately 2 cm towards my leg started to worsen, I went to a podietrist at the time and mentioned it and she put a small piece in my orthotics but it didn't improve it at all - I kept running - I then saw and orthapedic surgeon who tooks a bone scan and I had a MRI which showed nothing - I had cortizone injections which had little affect and anti inflamtory injected which didn imporve it for about a week. I have now not ran or exercised on it over over 1 year and given I am only 39 I am totally frustrated - it can hurt just by dashing around doing the groceries. I am contemplating getting the nerve cut - although again nothings shows up on the MRI but I am guessing from what I have read the nerve has thickened. It hurts on a daily basis and this depends on the shoes - or especially when I don't have shoes on as my feet are very flat and this puts more pressure on the area - can anyone tell me their story and operation stories, I just want this to go away so I can at least go on long walks/runs again!! I have been told that I will loose feeling in my toe, which sort of scares me and also warned that there are risks invovled and it may not fix the problem - but really considering taking the risk - anyone advice please!! Desperate!!


I see no one has responded to your inquiry yet.

I have dealt with MN for more than 3-1/2 years, with the last three years being the worse. I have had nearly every procedure and type of surgery you can possibly have, save few.  Lucky me, I had four neuromas develop in all of those areas on both feet.

Studies show the number one cause of Morton's Neuroma is the types of shoes we wear.

If you catch it early, and I mean early, you can self treat it successfully with ice and rest.  Do this until you don't feel it anymore, and if it comes on again, do it again, and keep on top of it.

I have communicated with many, many people about MN, and some find relief wearing shoes while others (like me) suffer with anything on their feet, yet I can get away with some flip-flops for 20 minutes or so. See what works for you, but if you do opt for shoes try to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and will allow your metatarsals to splay, and if you can, stay away from any shoes that have an elevated heel, as the heel with force you to place your weight over the ball of the foot, making the neuroma enlarge.

With that being said, I'd like to introduce you all to a brand new discussion bulletin board for those of us who suffer with Morton's Neuroma.

This bulletin board/forum is completely dedicated to Morton's Neuroma and is named Morton's Neuroma Talk!!!! MN Talk is a FREE discussion support group for those of us who are dealing with Morton's Neuroma where we can talk about this condition, how it is treated, and how it has effected our lives.

After some research I found that there truly isn't a dedicated bulletin board for MN out there. There are sites here and there that talk about health and medical conditions, etc., that may or may not talk about MN from time-to-time, hit or miss, but none dedicated solely to this condition.

I fully expect this brand new forum group to soon be jam packed with lots of information and advice from many experienced MN sufferers and become a go-to resource, but we need your help to grow it. If you have a story, if you have experience, if you can shed some light on any of the many topics that surround MN, please join us.

The address is Please check it out, and definitely, if you know someone who has this condition, please share the web address with them.





I have had pain in one foot which may be Mortons neuroma but my specialist is uncertain which wen space is involved. I have had several injections into the area which havent made much difference. As I'm tall, I've never worn high heels and my feet look perfectly normal.
I am considering having an operation but the doctor is reluctant to do it as it can make the situation worse. This is also backed up by the posts on this site.
Does anyone have a good story to relate about this operation? are there any statistics?