like most of you I have taken cold medication,,,gone to the doctor and nothing! I must stay warm year round (florida) whether its hot or cold. A couple of months ago, i went out with a shirt with no t-shirt underneath "big mistake",,,I was at barbra shop the AC was blowing,,,felt that itch in my throat,,,later resulted in the flu,,,later coughing but I got rid of the flu but up to this day,,still coughing. it gets so bad that I vomit up clear phlegm. its every day and thru out the day. Right now, If I go have nice cold glass of water,,,I'll be coughing for hours on end. I keep my chest warm by drinking hot tea,,,,it helps so long i don't drink anything cold. Basically, once I get sick the coughing is hard to get rid of. its 90 degrees outside must where a t-shirt underneath my shirt because I enter the supermaket,,,I can not walk thru freezer section,,,I start to cough like crazy! choking when i walk back outside,,,it is as if nothing happen,,I'm fine. I'm 46 years been like this since late early 30's.