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I'm wondering if I might be pregnant or if my body is still adjusting to having removed Mirena IUD. Took out my Mirena IUD on October 23, after er having it for 2,5 years. I hardly ever had any bleeding while I had the IUD in, but on the 25th October I had my first period, and then my second period on the 28 November (32 days cycle).

Now I am 11 days late, an no sign of a period! Period was due on 30th Dec, took pregnancy test on 1 jan and it was negative. On jan 2 I felt like I was Pms-ing, and had teeny bit of brown discharge day after. Took another test on the 9th jan, also negative.

BF and I have been using the "pulling out" since I took out the IUD, but he has never fully ejaculated anywhere near my vagina, is it still possible that I've got pregnant from pre-cum? I'm currently backpacking through Vietnam (hot and humid). Over the last few weeks I have felt constipated some days, peed a lot some days and had cramps in my stomach (not lower abdomen) some days, lately also had a lot of clear, thin discharge. But I'm also eating a lot of new foods and drinking a lot?

Thoughts or advice anyone? Please!


Hi i have the same exact thing. Well not exactly the same, but here it goes. I had precum on my penis and i used my hands to wipe it off. Then, i went on to finger my girlfriend, my whole finger was inside of her. I was wondering if she could get pregnant?? Im really worried. Oh and her period was about to end when all these happened. I'm not sure whether the precum had been wiped off from my finger after ii touched my penis. Can anyone please help me? Thank you very much