I had my Mirena IUD for almost 2 years after having my son. Me and my husband decided that we would like to have another child so I had the Mirena taken out in December of 2011. Since having the Mirena removed I've only had two periods. Th first one I got was 11 months after having the mirena removed (November 2012). I only got the period because my doctor prescribed me medication to "Jump Star my period" as he called it. It took maybe 5 rounds of these pills before I got my first period. I had do appointment with my doctor in January where he told me that I was not ovulating and that there was a very high chance that no might now be infertile. Where as before having my son the first time me and my husband tried I got pregnant. So I just want to know if anyone has ever had this problem after having the Mirena taken out and if this is even normal? I'm stressed to the max trying to figure this out and why it happened. The medication my doctor proscribed me isn't working and he keeps telling me it will hake time. As I do understand that my question is HOW MUCH TIME should I give it before I try something else or move on to some other doctor or look into infertility doctors. It's still not ovulating and still not having regular periods without taking many different rounds of pills over the period do months on top of months. I'm just looking for an explanation on this problem or issue if anyone knows anything and could let me know that would be greatly appreciated.