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sebass345 wrote:

Hey, I am 20 years old. I'm having a problem with my foreskin. Yes i wash it everyday,warm water,soap.
Basically, my foreskin seems swollen and is letting off an odor. When my penis becomes erect, the head and foreskin turn RED. The only way i can describe seems almost as if the foreskin is "eating" the penis head when i pull my foreskin over the head,that's how swollen it is, i have a hard time trying to get my foreskin over my head. It naturally doesn't cover it,i almost have to tug it over,almost as if its stuck behind my penis head. Yeah, its definitely swollen and red. Though,when my penis is flacid, my foreskin covers my head, and can pull it down and up fine. What else can i say? i pull my foreskin back, there is maybe an inch from the end of my penis head to the base of the a two-finger gap. Please any information will help, if a picture would help, i wouldn't mind posting one. Can this be an STD?


Get a freaking circumcision !!!


Also , you ask about STD's . If you've been active sexually-- get tested at the health dept as  a  John Doe ,

Jeepers, your online asking for medical advice when you should be asking your doctor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Sebass345:

It sounds like you have posthitis, which is an inflammation of the foreskin, probably caused by infection since there is an odor. If you have been sexually active, then it could be an STD.

Whatever it is, you need to see your doctor for treatment.

It is best to not use soap when you wash your foreskin, because it dries the oil of the tissues and can cause non-specific dermatitis.