Hi I'm a gay make that has diebeties that's not controlled great , I recently picked up a bacterial infection that made my glans in my throat swell and become septic and white spots appeared on my tounge the nurse said it could be thrush as your diebeties is poorly controlled , so went to walk in clinic who treated me with antibiotics for the throat and glans cleared up but during the time of taking antibiotics I kissed my partner and then recived a blow job , a day later I relised my bell end became red sore itchy swollen and had white and red spots on the head , I ask doctor for thrush cream and after using that for 4 days the penis head had gone down and wasn't as swollen the red and white dots dissapear ex and I could finally pull my foreskin back without it hurting , so I thought I was cured and thrush had gone so stopped using it for one night and then following day masturbated and when I cum the foreskin covering the tip of the penis became very sore again and inflamed and now I've notice the foreskin on outside of penis near the tip is starting to crack and become sore , why is this