So this is going to sound like a strange question. I’m 34 years old and had a tubal ligation when I was 25 and I have been on birth control (Yasmin) since I was 17 following a year of extremely heavy periods. I’d go through a super+ tampon in less than an hour and they remained that strong for 2-3 weeks with only 1 week of no bleeding and I had severe anemia. I wasn’t sexually active until I was 21 and practiced safe sex and continued to do so until I met my fiancé over a year ago. I underwent a Whipple a year ago November 1st and my period completely disappeared for several months just like has happened with all my major abdominal surgeries. I know the longer a woman is on birth control sometimes she can have extremely light periods or none at all. Usually my blank pills start on Sunday and I’ll start my period Thursday or even Friday and it will be over Saturday or Sunday when I start my new pack. This past time my period didn’t start until Saturday and was so light I didn’t even need anything but a panty liner and it was over after a couple hours. My question is how do I know if there is a uterine or ectopic pregnancy? My doctor has told me I can get a false positive or false negative based on my medical history and I will need a blood test. Unfortunately all the symptoms of pregnancy are also side effects of my Whipple (basically the pepto bismuth song is my everyday life since surgery). I also have had abdominal cramping since surgery and I have a severe form of GERD. I lost 45 pounds following surgery as I was unable to eat for a couple months while I was in and out of the hospital but I rapidly put it all back on and then some in the past month as I became able to eat a little food again. My doctor is actually out of the country for the next two weeks and the urgent care refuses to write for a blood test despite a positive pregnancy test, a negative pregnancy test, and an undecided pregnancy test. They insist I need to see my doctor for the labs but I’m due to start my period again in the next couple weeks and he can’t fit me in for a couple months. I absolutely cannot get pregnant because besides the risk of passing on my cancer the tumors I still have will be inoperable and I could die. I was also told following surgery that my abdomen simply cannot handle a growing fetus as I have too much scar tissue AND my abdomen will be unable to expand to accommodate a full term baby. I believe I have taken excellent precautions not to get pregnant so this just has me worried.