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Im 17 years old and have had a history of stomach problems. I have IBS and have had it for 3 years. I also had my Gaulbladder taken out at the age of 16. Im worried because ive had a very red coloration in my feces, Random stomach cramps and alot of bloating. This worries me because ive done some reaserch and i have many symptoms of Colon Cancer. Am I at risk as a girl my age or having Colon Cancer and if so how soon do I need to see my docter. An if i do have Colon Cancer could that be causing my other stomach problems or could my other stomach problems cause Colon Cancer


Hi Emily,

You are young for colon cancer.

You need to see your doctor about the red coloring though.  IBS can cause it but you need to rule out more serious problems.  It could also be an anal fissure, maybe a hemorrhoid, or polyps.

Hope it helps.