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I had rotator cuff surgery 15 years ago.  I started tennis lessons several weeks back and lately, I experience cracking and popping in the same shoulder mainly if I through a softball or football.  Is his something I need to check out or is it par for the course? 


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Hello, ventana. 

Although rotator cuff surgery isn't always successful, fact that you hear and feel cracking 15 years after it, can be a reason to seek a doctor's opinion. Given that enough time has passed since operation, your shoulder is healed as it must. 

Do you feel any pain, even a small one? Or slight discomfort? If so, I strong recommend that you go to the doctor.

A friend of mine had RCS last year, after he injured shoulder on his basketball game. His recovery period was nearly a year long. But now he plays basketball again, and doesn't have any problems with shoulder.