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I have been cramping for 1 week and ahalf.I cant be pregnant because i have never had sex.So what might be the problem with me?


That depends where the cramping is. What stage of your cycle are you?

  1. What date did your last period start?
  2. How long is your cycle (typically 28 days)
  3. Have had any tpe of sexual activity at all?

Stomach cramps are a common symptom of a wide variety of diseases, disorders and conditions, which may be mild to serious, that are often related to the abdominal organs. They can sometimes be related to the pelvic organs, e.g. the uterus and bladder. 

Common causes of stomach cramps include indigestion, gastroenteritis, menstrual cramps, bladder infection, and excessive 'gas'. But the can also indicate more serious problems.

What other symptoms do you have?

If you have any worries, it is best to contact a medical practitioner, especially if they last a long time.