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I had a termination of pregnancy of 8 weeks on March 8th. I was scheduled to have a follow-up appointment exactly 2 weeks after. This was my second termination (we were using protection by the way, now I'm changing the pill to a mirena so it won't happen again) and this time I had a lot more bleeding and HUGE blood clots that I was starting to get scared something was wrong. I called the doctor's office and they told me to come on in early for my follow-up, a week after my termination which was March 15th. The doctor prescribed some medicine (I can't remember what it was called) to get the blood clots out sooner and told me I will be fine. He scheduled my second follow-up appointment 2 weeks after my first follow-up, which was on March 29th. Since March 20th I was feeling great and fine, no bleeding anymore and I didn't even think I needed another follow-up. But I still went in on March 29th thinking that it's important to show up the second time when the doctor wanted to see me. When I went in on March 29th the doctor did an ultrasound and looked at the screen telling me everything looks perfectly fine, all the bleeding gone, no complications. The minute I left his office I started to cramp. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but then cramping intensified as the day went by. It's April 3rd already, and I'm cramping really bad. I know everyone on here will recommend I call up the doctor's office, but before I do so, what could be the cause? I just wanted to know if I will look crazy, that I went in for my 2nd follow-up and I told the doctor I was fine, I left and ever since that ultrasound it hurts me now. Could it be possible he hit a scar tissue on my uterus with an ultrasound? Does a woman have any scarring on uterus after a surgical abortion at 8 weeks? Could he hurt me somewhere in my uterus with an ultrasound and that's why before I went in it didn't hurt at all, but now I'm cramping so much? HELP PLEASE!!


Hi sweet,

Call the doctor.

Giving specific answers is impossible. Your doctor knows what was done with the procedure, we don't. We don't know how the ultrasound was performed. We don't know if there was any scarring, again it depends on the procedure.

Hope it helps.