I am a thirteen year old that has these weird symptoms happening to me like by night I have a headache and a stomachache. I can't sleep at night and when I read things sometimes it doesn't even seem like I am reading the book. It's like if I read the first word, I know what the whole sentence is without looking at the rest. Then on top of that my heart is doing alll these crazy beats. For instance, I could be talking to someone then the next thing i know i'm gasping for air. It happens occasionally. Sometimes I forget to breathe and when I realize it I get scared and think if I go to sleep I won't wake back up. I'm not sure but if I place something on my stomach and hold my breath the object moves. I know I'm not pregnant but what does all of this mean? Oh and I also feel sick everyonce in awhile and I might end up throwing up even if I don't eat. So do I need help?