Ive smoked weed for 8 years now. At first it was fun and mind opening now its just a burden on my life. Though I think there are benefits the negatives are definitely outwaying them for me atm. Lately ive just been really unmotivated in everything and all I want to do is smoke weed so Ive decided to quit and get my priorities right. Ive also given up tobacco at the same time as I think it is even worse than weed!

I feel kinda high now.. like I have a heavy feeling behind my eye but without the lazy unmotivated feeling I have been getting from smoking. But this is without any smoking at all! It feels great! The first day was easy but today my brain was really trying to trick me into smoking "just 1" but I havn't given in and plan on sticking to this, NO smoke at all for me from now on! To get thruogh the cravings ive been eating or making reasons to walk to the local shop when I feel like smoking. All of my friends are smokers.. weed and tobacco and they do it every day so I'm distancing myself at the time. My mum is smoking weed in the house too which really isnt helping because I can smell it even more so than before having not dulled my senses but that isnt going to break me either.

I guess I wanted to see if anyone else has felt high after quitting? Also what other tips do people have to fight cravings. I'd prefer activities over thinking methods because its more a matter of boredom thats botehring me now I think. A lot of the things that I'd normally do to pass time.. I would do with a joint in my hand and they don't seem as intersting without the smoking. Ive been glued to youtube for the last few days lol.. Though I think ive learnt quite a lot out of some new found curiousity.