hi i'm new to this so plz bare with me i'm 49 and had the test of my doctor to tell me i was going through the menopause i've done the hot flushes the missed periods for 8yrs now but the last 3 months its all got worst for me when i do get a period i cry for the full 7 days and i cry out of control which i have never done in my life before . so i went back to the doctors and he asked me to try anti-depressants i was a bit took back when he said that to me but i tryed them only to come off them in a week there were making my body burn in between all this i was still crying could'nt get in to see my doctor so seen someone else he told me your not going through the menopause your still having periods and palmed me off with more anti-depressants he also kept asking did i cry every day i told him i'm not depressed i only cry when i have a period so i agreeded to take them come back in a month he told me i felt there was no surport at all and all he wanted to do was get me out of there. so the other week i went to a health shop and the lady in there was fantasic she told me come off them and advised me to take black cohosh for a week now ive felf better not great got to give it time i have changed my diet and exercise but i'm dredding the period if it comes can anyone tell me if you are having the same problems as me :'( :-)