i am currently in a relationship with a guy who is 2 years younger then me. our relationship started because we both were in a same dance group and both interacted a lot and for about two months we used to spend 7-8 hours of day together and after that even chatting on social media.we fell in love with each other and thats how our relationship started.after approximately 20 days of relationship i suddenly told him that i am not virgin and he just hugged me and kissed me.i said that i wanted you to know it but the next day he just said he dont want to know all that and he has nothing to do . before that relationship i was in two more relationships and in both relationships i was physicaally comitted. my first boyfriend and i get seperated because he lost interest in me and asked me to have another boyfriend and after moving on he came back to me pleading that he wants to be my a friend of mine ,or best friend of mine.i just said yes because he was pleading and my heart melted.my second boyfriend had no idea about it .my second relation was a small one and after getting physical i came to know he was not a good person.he was just using me.when i broke with him then i met the person with whom i am in relationship now after 2 months of my this relationship i was going to tell my boyfriend that my best friend was my ex and he was forcing me to introduce.he was blackmailing me that he will inform to my parents and he used to post my pictures and thats why i talked to him but that was not bearable for me and the day i was going to tell my present boyfriend my ex called me and had a conversation with my boyfriend he told him that he has been physical with me. that day my boyfriend was broken and i requested him to not leave me.i saw him upset so i decided i wont tell him about my second ex and mine physical intimacy because this thing hurted him.but after 4-5 months he somehow came to know.i lied to him thats its not truth but he said that he has seen some photographs and have listend to some rumours made by my ex.again then i asked him not to leave. he is with me now but the fact is that he keeps on asking me how many times you have kissed.what has he done for you,where you have viisited togehter. genuinely speaking i have never done anything very special for both of them as much i have done for him.i mean i have sacrificed my family and friends for him .we both are still in physical relationship .but whenever we get physical ..in the end he always says that you have done this ealier .every single day and night he use to say this that u lied to me.you are this and that ...sometimes on my character.and even he blamed me for failing in his examinations. after that i used to teach him...i taught him a few subjects forecefully and difficultily because every moment he just said your past your past and past.he passed in a few of them but not all so last sem he had to give 10 exams back to back thus he said he cant study and he will he need to do some cheating via bluetooth.i am strongly against cheating but in front of my eyes was his career because this was my last year in college.also i rembbered his those words of blame that he failed ..so after requesting few times i said yes to cheating.for that person i have travelled so far even not telling my parents about it..lied to my parents and even my parents yelled at me but i went with that guy to purchase that bluettooth and in every exam i recited the answers because of which i was not able to study my subjects and he got passed . i love the person a lot .i mean i have cooked for him a lot of times...i have traveled for him.i have even lived my life without money for three days in a new city and i was having nothing to eat , just because we spent all of my pocket money .whatever and whenever he wanted something i was there.he sometimes acted like crazy and even had used a lot of pinching words.we had even slept each other.i have even dropped him to the examination hall everyday and then i returned back to home cooked food for him and then went again back to college for that guy.have surprised him many times with gifts and handmade gifts and cards.and lot more things that i even cant tell now this is again our exam time and in this sem he has 18 exams to give and i am helping him but he is behaving very badly.my second ex just said him that your girl was in physical relationship with me.and after that he is like not talking to me.doing all those things that i hate.talking to all other girls .and he blocked me even on social media and calls.but on the day of exam i met him in college and he was ready for cheating.on next day of examination he did same.he blocked me the evening before.for helping him in exam and cheating i have to sit in a car for 3 hours and in 2 exams he was not having his car so i was in park and in the high sunlight.he never see that i am doing this for his career that he will get good grades and get something good job..but he is still saying that baby your past is nt allowing me to do anything,.how could you do that.i mean he use to say this 10-15 times a day atleast on regular basis sometimes its annoying for me and i reply that yes i amnot a good girl and some negative cos this gets painful for me.and today he said if i would have done anymistake then i would have said sorry to you every time and you just show me attitude. i want that person to be happy..he has 14 more exams to give but his behavior is getting worse.i dont know what should i do? should i continue because today he said that even after with marrying with someone else he wants me to be in his lifeas a girlfriend...i totallly disagree on this. i dont knnow how to help him..how to take him out.?if i will leave him then he will not pass the exmas and his 1 year would get watsed and next year he will have 24 exmas to give in final chance.even i cant see him sad.and his questions and pain about my past never ends..please tel me what should i do in such a situatioan