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Hi. I'm 27, and I'm very active and slim, non-smoker and non-drinker. I'm also eating healthy. Anyway, I have a problem with back pain when trying to perform ab exercises. I feel tightness and burning in my lower back and then pain so bad that I have to stop fearing I'll hurt my back even further. I never had any back injuries. I didn't talk to my doctor yet. This happens only when I'm trying to do ab exercises. I'm goo with other exercises. What could be causing this?


Hi. There are many reasons why your back may hurt during ab workouts. First, sit ups are tough on the lower back. A crunch If you want to avoid pain, crunches would be a better choice. Try to maintain the natural curve in your lower back while doing crunches. There should be a small amount of space between your low back and the floor. Place a folded towel or yoga mat under your lower back while doing those crunches.Pain mostly occurs because of weaker lower back or weak abs. That's why you should exercise both the front and back of your torso. Supermans are the best choice for strengthening your lower back.The stronger your abs get with exercises, the less your back will hurt. But, if you think that lower pain isn't related to the muscles, but spine, you should see your doctor.