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i am a 29 year old woman generally with good health but nearly 4 weeks ago i had my gall bladder removed by key hole surgery, ever since then i am still getting pain in the gall bladder area especially hurts standing up straight but then eases a little, also ever since op my urine has been tea coloured , i know i'm drinking enough fluids thats all i am drinking is water have to force myself to eat as appitite is suppressed i'm sure i've developed ibs due to op but just want some answers with regards to pain and dark urine , dont want to waste my drs time .


Well - dark urine (brownish/orange/deep yellow) is usually a great indicator of concentrated urine. Minus any bleeding or discharge of course.

I know sometimes we 'feel' we are drinking enough, but sometimes when our bodies are fighting infections, fever etc those fluids are utilized and we dont get that 'flushing' you are looking for in clear urine.

Drink as much clear liquids as you can, if you don't notice a difference in a few hours after drinking - contact your Doctor.