Hi. My daughter suffers from Vater syndrome. In infancy she had a tethered cord, imperforated anus, vaginal fistula. She is now 9 and has went through many corrective surgeries. Recently we have found the reflux to her kidneys and infections have been causing issues with kidney function. Drs. have done a ureteral reimplant and also found her bladder to be tethered down with scar tissue from previous pull down surgery. Question on the reimplant, is it common to see a decrease in bladder capacity? She is in week 2 post op and seems all urine volume is coming out of the urethera with no continence. All catheters, sub pubic, etc. have been pulled and urine has some blood in it. Pre op her bladder would hold 150 ml, she has a urogeic bladder and is intermittently cathterized. Thanks