Hi everyone. I need some input here, please. About 6 months back I was diagnosed with PCOS. At the time, I had two ultrasounds done and a blood test. The doctor told me that the ultrasound showed her nothing- literally. The woman that did the test took pictures of nothing. She claimed that she couldn't find my ovary on my left side. So about two months ago I started having pain near my left ovary. It would happen everyday. Yesterday the pain became excruciating. I was at work, doubled over in pain. Every step I took felt someone was stabbing me over and over again. I went to the ER and had two more ultrasounds. This time, the doctor said that they found a cyst that had deflated, or ruptured, and released the fluid into the pelvic area. That fluid was causing the pain. They also found several more cysts on my left ovary. The doctor gave me some pain medicine that so far is not helping as well as I thought. He told me to follow up with another doctor. I want to know if I should be pushing for the doctor to remove my cysts. I have read on the internet that a ruptured cyst should be removed my surgery. I also feel like they should be removing the other ones. I am on birth control, but it is obvious that it is not helping to stop the growth of more cysts. What should my next step be? I am terrified. I am so worried that I won't be able to have children now. I would appreciate any opinion. Thank you