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Okay I will lay out what happened:

1. Was raped Sept 12 this year (unprotected, unsure how long he was in me)

2. About a week after the incident, I started having bad pains in my lower pelvic area (i didn't realize...didn't acknowledge this had happened to me until i talked to a doctor about where my symptoms came from)

3. Had a delayed period...but it was VERY VERY light, far lighter than normal.

4. My period is a week late right now.

....I have considered the possibility of stress. Pregnancy scares only have a 3 day delay (it's happened 2x, so I'm sure of the delay time)

I have also considered the possibility of trauma, but I was confused because:
-the pain is not where the trauma was done, otherwise my crotch would hurt for no reason
-when I wake up from my nightmares of the incident, and when i have flashbacks, the pain does not increase. It stays the same, and it stayed the same before I started getting nightmares.

I am clean, there was no tearing whatsoever. Heating pads do not help.


this is what happened...
me and my boyfriend had sex many times and he climaxed inside me everytime. i got my period late and now i have it but its not heavy. can i be pregnant or no?


I don't think it is pregnancy... But u should get checked for it, anyway