I've been on this horried thing for atleast 3 years at most 4 and ive only just starting reading about it and it has explained ALOT!!..

The headachs, the Stress and anxiety, it has ended alot of relationships and coursed me to just exspect the worst as the anxiety has grown deeper over the years.. i'm not sure how i actually feel or believe or if it'd just the anxiety taking over.. i fear that ive been taking the depo for so long that when i do stop getting it ( 11th april 2011 ) that the anxiety might not go away because its been apart of me for so long.

I have also just started getting a prolonged redy brownish discharge that seems to smell in the shower ( or thats the only times ive noticed the smell) I sometimes feel dizy and sickness, i've put the tinyest of weight on but still enough.. the injection before this one gave me a scare i thought i was pregnent because my breasts was sore and i felt sickness and bloting but it turns out it was all side effects of the damned thing.. i also get irritation and my headachs seem to be getting worse.

I am lucky that i have a boyfriend now that understands and looks up all this stuff to understand further, He also wants me off this and his getting on the New! Man Pill, I do fear that if i stay on this i will spoil the good relationship i am in because i feel the anxiety taking over and i get worryed about everything that i'm not good enough that hes gonna run off with one person ( and there is to sence the why its that one person) i fear he will find someone better than me and that i'm not worth it. i cant wait for the 11th April..