THis is my first post ever so i apologize if I do something wrong. but i need help and i love the people who respond to these questions.
I am in my late 20's and my husband and i are both well off so a pregnancy would be scary but we could handle it if there were one. my question is i have been on the depo shot before for about a year and never have gotten my period while on it, but then had to go off the sh*t due to some surgeries and an infection that made my immune system basicly whiped out. i just started up the depo again and am at the end of my first 3 month shot. my husband i did have unprotected sex and he came inside me about a week ago. im worried that since i am fresh back on depo and due for another shot and i was also on antibiotics. in the past week ive woken up with a headache every morning and some mild stomach cramps and very mild nausea. since i wouldnt have a missed period to see as a pregnancy sign should i be looking for anything else? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to respond im desperate for some advice that doesnt tell me to wait for my missed period since i wont have one! Have a great day everyone!