About 9 months ago I noticed that I started having unexplained allergic reactions. I went to the emergency room several times because it caused severe pain and discomfort. About 7 months ago I noticed that I could use my finger to write on my stomach, arms, legs, and even face and the area written on would swell within minutes. The swelling hurt but would disappear within 10-20 minutes. I also noticed when my cats would step on me they left paw prints. I started taking benedryl <spelling sorry> and I noticed that it did not cause the rash to disappear but just reduced the pain. Thinking I had scabies I went to an STD clinic to make sure I was clean. After months of pain and no medical insurance to get a definite answer I started searching the web and finally typed in skin drawing. Dermatographism popped up and I noticed some of the pictures looked nearly identical to what was happening to me. I would sit in a chair and notice that the exact design of the chair would be on my thighs and buttocks. I would put a bracelet on and the exact design was left on my arm. I am pretty certain this is what I have, what my main question is what can I do without medical insurance to live with this ailment? Benedry offers minimal relief now and sometimes just the mere contact of another person will cause it. I need help! Please?