Hi i am 23 yr old female,  been sick for about 3yrs, it really started when i was about 13yrs old. I had issues with constipation and never really looked into it. But when i reached about 16 i noticed when i would have a menstrual cycle i would get real nauseas and have to throw up once to feel better. I burp nonstop, i dont know why. I also throw up yellow bile every morning, but now its to the point where i throw up bile anytime of the day. I get so embarrassed it stops me from working, and my social life. I would get really bloated and feel unease. i would get full quick, within 2-3 bites i would not want to eat. I also gained about 35lbs. I went from weighing 135 to 175 at the age of 19. I stared having episodes of nausea and vomiting to where i ended up in the hospital for being to dehydrated and not enough nutrients in my body. I told the doctors it was hard to keep food down. they suggested i go on a BRAT diet, but it just kept getting worse. I stayed going to the hospital from age 19-21. Then I started smoking marijuana to help with the pain. It worked great, everytime i felt like i was going to have an episode, i smoked and within minutes the pain went away. Now i really would like help because marijuana is not legal in texas, and i dont know how to explain to people i need to smoke to feel better. I also lost all 35lbs after i started vomiting everyday. I now weigh 120 and i am still getting smaller. I am also on birth control, witch also helped.The doctors wont tell me what is wrong with me bc i have no health insurance. Its a complicated situation, please help.