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A friend of mine was diagnosed with cellulitus on her face just this morning. She is very obese and has diabetes on top of many other health issues. How do I convince her to start eating right and stop the sweets and junk food? She has been hospitalized many times for this and is very stubborn, any help will be appreciated.


I don't think we can make anyone do anything if they don't want to or are not ready too. Your friend is in a serious situation and yet s/he is not doing anything to improve her health and prevent further complications.

My boyfriend has central obesity, is very sedentary and eats all kinds of foods and he just hates when I start about proper nutrition and exercises. He is not willing to anything to prevent problems although diabetes runs in his family.

I used to get obsessed about it and I just gave up and am no longer trying because everything is to no avail. I suppose when he's ready, he'll get up and do something about it.