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My Friend Was Worried About Her Weight So She Tried To Loose Weight But Couldt So Turned To Making Herself Sick. I Tryed To Stop Her But She Was So Stubborn And Upset That She Didnt Listen To Me Or Anyone Else Who Knew Her Secret. :-(
The Other Night She Was Sick..But Hadnt MADE Herself Sick (It Was Out Of Her Control) And She Began To Cough Up Blood. I Dont Know How Much Or If It Had Flem Or Anything But Could Someone Please Help So That We Can Try To Convince Her That What Shes Doing Is Harmful To Her Body???!!!
x :-( :'(


I think the quickest way to help solve this issue is to tell an adult that your friend is doing something very harmful to her body. The longer this stays a secret, the more likely it is that she will be putting herself in danger of getting very, very sick. So your best course of action is to tell someone what she's doing so they can help her. She might get mad at you, but you will be doing her a huge favor in the long run. If she's upset with you for that, realize that it's not your fault.

I hope your friend feels better soon. Please keep us updated!