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Hello to all! I just love this website. Everyone has been so helpful with information when I need. Thanks so much. I have another problem that I need help with. Can I get pregnant if I have diabetes type 1? I am taking insulin. My doctor is helping me prepare for pregnancy by making me eat 6 times a day and I have to check my sugar levels every 2 hours. Oh gee, what a pain. Is there anyone out there that is trying to get pregnant like me and do you have anything you could share with me. Right at the moment I'm a little upside with everything I'm having to do. I think my doctor my be doing a bit of over kill.


No doubt you are frustrated, but your doctor is doing the right thing. I've been there and have experienced what you are going through. You should have no problem getting pregnant with type 1 diabetes so long as you have your blood sugar levels under control. It is important that you have your sugar levels managed before you get pregnant. Chances are you won't know when you are first pregnant and those first few weeks are critical for the developing embryo. High blood sugar levels and high ketone levels can cause birth defects. Having diabetes type 1 is generally more serious than type 2 during pregnancy. Chances are your insulin dosage will have to be changed when you become pregnant because you will need more insulin. You will need to alter your diet as well. Hopefully you have a dietitian or a doctor that can help you with that.


If you are taking any other diabetic medication or other medications, you'll need to discuss this with your doctor. There are a number of medications and diabetic medications that can not be taken during pregnancy. Just follow the advice of your doctor and you should do well. Good luck on getting pregnant. I know you must be very excited.