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I have a question about being diabetic and working out.  I am thinking that working out would be a good way to get the sugar out of my system.  What about an intense workout?  Would it have a positive or negative influence on my blood sugar?  I was thinking of working out vigorously and get my workout done faster rather than workout slow.  What do you think?


Hello, Guest.  I would say that going slow and easy would be the best advice to give you.  Going too vigorously would lead to hypoglycemia pretty quickly if you are insulin-dependent. That, my friend, would be a negative influence on your blood sugar.  An intense workout would burn up the glucose in your bloodstream too fast.  You would need to eat quite a few carbs to keep up on the glucose burned with a hard workout.  Picking an exercise that allows you to workout for 30 minutes at a moderate pace should be enough to get a good workout in but keep low blood sugars under control.  It is always a good idea to keep a quick carb with you in case you start feeling faint, lethargic, or extremely hungry.  What are you hoping to achieve with a workout?  Are you wanting to lose weight or tone up, or are you looking to burn more carbs? Are you taking medication for diabetes or insulin?  All of these factors come into play when determining a proper workout plan.  If you are working out to help your blood glucose levels, do it by steady exercise that puts your heart rate at recommended rate for your age.

Are there any bodybuilders or weightlifters out there who are also Type 2 diabetic?  Do you arrange your workout to where you eat your carbs right before the exercise?  What is a good way to avoid getting low blood sugars while working out?