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I have diabetes and I'm planning a pregnancy and I need some advice. Is there anything I need to do before I get pregnant. I want to make sure I do everything correctly. This will be my first baby so I'm really new at this and any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm really excited but scarred at the same time. My mom died two years ago so I don't have her to go through this with me. If anyone has anything they can tell me to put my mind at ease, please do. I think it really helps to have family at these times but I'm going to have to go it alone. Hopefully someone can give me comfort and give me some guidance along the way. Help, need advice. Thanks.


A long time ago, having diabetes really meant you could have children. Moreover, many diabetic individuals died early on and didn't make it to child rearing age. With our scientific and medical knowledge and technologies this is not the case. The most important factor is getting you blood glucose levels under control. And, I mean well managed long before you try to get pregnant. Chances are you won't know you pregnant initially and that could 2 to 4 weeks. This is a critical time for your baby's development. If your blood sugar are too low or too high or swinging back and forth, this can generate birth defects coming from that first trimester. It's really a good idea to talk with your doctor at this time and let he/she know you're trying to get pregnant. Your doctor can talk to you about the dos and don'ts before pregnancy. This will also give your doctor information about how to help you when you are pregnant. All in all, I think this will be a special time you for as I know it as for me. Just make sure to keep a tight rein on you sugar levels and you should be fine. Best of luck to you!