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Oh my gosh!  I am really scared about being pregnant.  Not only the "normal" stuff that goes with pregnancy but the fact of being type 1 as well!  How serious is it for me to be carrying a baby?  Are there special precautions I should take?  Thanks!



Hello Guest!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I know how frightening it can be when being pregnant with a little baby growing inside you.  You want to do everything you can to ensure they stay safe and that you have a normal pregnancy.   You say you are type 1 diabetic. How long have you been type 1 insulin diabetic? In the past, there was more concern about type 1 women having babies and their ability to carry a baby full-term was not good.  Nowadays, you are in luck because technology in the medical field has grown to where every pregnant woman has a better chance of having a healthy baby.  You will be on an insulin pump when you carry the baby.  This is used because your blood sugars will be so crazy because of the hormones that makes blood glucose levels rise, and the insulin pump will be able to address that.  Your doctor will program the pump to deliver just the right amount of insulin to meet your needs.  All you have to do is follow your diet and exercise regime exactly as prescribed.  You and the baby will be just fine.  There should not be any other special precautions to follow as far as your diabetes goes other than listening to the doctor.  Are there any other type 1 diabetic pregnant women that would like to share their stories?  Did you find anything different about your care other than the insulin pump you had to have?  What type of advice would you offer?