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I’ve been diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer for over a year now and since I first got the diagnosis I had the surgery to remove the most of the tumor they could and since then I’ve been having regular 6 week cystoscopies to make sure cancer isn’t spreading again. However, this is the first time my urologist requested me to have rigid cystoscopy under general anesthesia, which is the first time I’d go under general since my bladder surgery.

I’m not too sure how different is this procedure from the ones I had up until this point and all that doctor told me that this time they need to take some tissue samples.


Rigid Cystoscope is different from the ones you have normally had. It is a Thin Straight Metal Tube used for passing small surgical instruments down through the cystoscope to remove a tissue sample or carry out treatment...A rigid cystoscopy is usually done under general anesthesia. 

For this procedure you will be happy to be under general anesthesia. :) Good Luck!