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I was recommended DXA scan for measuring bone density. But, I'm really scared that I cannot afford it. Both my wife and I are unemployed since depression occurred. Does anyone know will medicare cover this test? What's the alternative to it?

Also, what's the amount of radiation which I'll be exposed during DXA scan? How long does it last?

My osteoporosis worsens by every day. Hip pain is sharp and constant and I have only moments of relief. I really hope this test will help me so doctors can give me proper treatment and I continue living normal life.


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Hi, Jim.

On official site it says that medicare part B covers bone density scans (including DXA scan) once in every 24 months. Also, medicare covers it only if you have doctor's order. I can see you have one from your doctor. 

Last condition is that you have already done X-ray which showed osteoporosis. If so, go for DXA scan as soon as possible.

Hope this will help.