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Okay i am 13 and i weigh 138 pounds. this past summer i weighed 155 pounds and i don't know how i lost it! i am still very very uncomfortable with my self. i know all the right things to eat and all the exercises to do and i try but my only problem is i don't believe in myself and i have no motivation towards working out and i hate vegetables and force my self to some fruits sometimes. Anyway what i am saying is can anyone tell me what i can do to lose weight fast and with my problem. Thanks! :)


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You are still very young an you need to be careful when loosing weight. Your doctor is the best person to advice you on the best way for you.
I find it hard to lose weight. But im getting married next April an want to lose some for the big day.
This has helped me having a very good reason to do it.
Set your self a target.
But please get advice from your doctor first


Hi mablemae22,

Firstly, do not skip meals. Never. If you stop eating, you will gain a lot of weight. Take heavy breakfast, a light meal for lunch and maybe a soup and vegetables for dinner. Pick some vegetables you like the most. Do take apples and some of your favorite fruits. Do not replace fruits for dinner.

Exercise does helps. For me, I hate jogging, running. So I do hiking. I do hiking everyday, 1 hour. You can do swimming, probably 4 hours a week. Do cardio activities, make time for gym. Build body muscles and you will start to have confidence. Do push-ups, sit-ups and home. Most importantly, do stretching.

Have a gym partner or an exercise partner. If you want to lose weight, you EXERCISE. If you don't believe in yourself, forget about losing weight.

Do not rush to lose weight. Losing weight takes time. Take measurements of your weight. Some of the weighing balance aren't really accurate. Buy those digital ones.

Make sure you do HEALTHY dieting. I been through dieting and it really really takes time. Believe in yourself.

Good luck and Take care. :-)