I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed two days ago. Was under local anaesthetic and due to it being at an angle (apparently it had already made a hole in the tooth next to it which I had to have a filling for two months prior to the op) it was a difficult extraction. They broke it and eventually it came out in 3 parts with the op lasting 30 mins. The last part was so hard to get out that my surgeon had to call another dental surgeon to come and remove it. 

Anyway, following the op it was painful but not too bad. I ate some ice cream and mashed potato. Then about 10 hours after the op it started bleeding. I'd been using the gauges on and off throughout the day to stem the minimal bleeding there was but suddenly there was a lot more blood and it was continuous. After 4 hours of constant bleeding I went to A&E. The dental doctor there first gave me a fluid which made my mouth foamy to try to clot the blood. Then dabbed the area with various pads and stitched it even more, it now feels like my gums are stitched to my cheek. After this he gave me a drip to help clot the blood and some antibiotics to try to prevent infection and some paracetamol for pain. 

So 26 hours later now and there's been no blood so far but my face is in 10 times more pain than yesterday initially after the op. It has swollen up a lot more and I can't sleep due to the pain. Do you think this could be dry socket and should I go back to the dentist if this pain persists? I' feel in constant agony with it.