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Please help! My lower left wisdom tooth is partially erupted. The gum surrounding the tooth is swollen, and pus is coming out. I'm also having pain in my ear, throat, and teeth surrounding the tooth on top and bottom. I have no dental insurance at the moment. I've tried tylenol and over the counter toothache medicines to help aliviate the pain. But it only works for 5 minutes or so. Please help! Is my wisdom tooth infected?


hello. How are you now? What has happened to your tooth? I believe that the tooth is infected and that this is the main reason why you have wisdom tooth pain. Of course, you really should visit your dentist, but just to be sure is your wisdom teeth coming or not, here are two things that can help you realize this - first, if you are in pain or inflammation, that is one of the signs. Another sign - you really should look for mild pain, a feeling of pressure, or dull throbbing in the gums near the opening of your throat or in the nearby jaw bone. If you notice it - there is another sign. What to wait anymore?