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Did anyone else reach orgasm climbing dope in pe class


Around age 5 years old. I had no what I discovered only that it felt amazing. I wouldn't learn until 9 years later that what I came across in ME class was masturbating. At first I looked forward to gym then I learned I could use a broomstick to get the same results. It was around this time my mother saw what I was doing and figure out I was masturbating. At this time she d decided to have a talk. She didn't want to feel I was in trouble or dirty. She simply told this was something done in private never tell or teach anyone how to do it. I she figured I would outgrow it. Instead it continued and I found more creative ways of doing it. I found it was most intense naked and outside. So I started to sneak out go to my local park and strip naked and climb the flagpole. I'm amazed how I never got caught. Any way when I was 14 years old the neighbour a 16 years old girl came over and she wanted me to show her my penis. At first I said no but she said if I showed her she would give me oral. She kept her promise but just as she brought me to orgasm. I realized the same feeling was the feeling I have been feeling all these years. I shared my secret and it was her that told me I have been masturbating all these years. Once I learned that I stopped doing it. Plus I enjoy my neighbour much more. For a year we practiced on each other. Until she got a boyfriend and it stopped. 

I now know that there's a word for what I was doing "Polegasm" roughly 5% of boys and girls discover how climbing a ropefeels great. All this I thought I was only person doing it and it turns out loads of children do it quietly in their room.

I just told my wife about it. She said it makes sense because she hasn't seen anyone with such huge sexual appetite like me. I have to admit she isn't wrong. If I could I would have sex every day five times a day. Unfortunately my wife isn't up for the task which is fine with me. That's why I learned to masturbate