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Good day!

A few days ago, when I was coming home from the work, two girls in the bus were talking about Marilu Henner diet plan. I was so tired and exhausted from that day, so I couldn’t hear much about it (and it is not nice when you listen in what other people are talking lol :)))). All I have heard that this diet is an amazing thing and that everyone should try it, one day! One lady join their conversation (she is around 50) and she told them that this lady, Marilu Henner is just trying to draw attention on herself, that she is not that good, and that she is telling us what we know.

I wanted to ask them their experiences, but it was pretty severely.

Can you tell me do you have any experience on Marilu Henner diet plan?

Feel free to tell me something :) 


Hey there,

My college ex roommate can talk about this diet for a long, long time. She was really boring with this diet program. While we were at college, she was on Marilu Henner diet. She cooked some meals, and I must say that I liked it back then, even if I was pretty tiny and with no extra pounds. She is now in Asia, she got a job there, so I didn’t see her since our graduation day. But, we skype all the time.

When she saw me pretty round :) she started to talk about Marilu Henner diet plan again. She is still following it, for so many years :O.

I need to say that she looks really amazing, fresh and healthy. She never gain her pounds back, like in those days when we were at college. She is really beautiful.

I believe that this is one successful story :)




I was trying so hard to understand Marilu Henner diet plan, but I think that I was so silly to understand it totally. I don’t know why. My sister is thrilled with it, but I don’t have so nice things to say about it. I am not saying that this diet program is not working, but I don’t know why I don’t like it – it just doesn’t fit into my personality.

But, if you look positive, my sister was following this diet program during her pregnancy, and she was really healthy and she got fat in her pregnancy about 7 kilograms. She is fit, but I believe that she was never prone to getting fat.

Good luck! 



Hello girls,

I must agree with you, because I had some difficulty to understand this diet program as well. Whenever I think that I got something, something totally new is up and I am confused. Yes, that lady was old school, I think that she was against every diet program, and those girls couldn’t explain anything to her.

I really don’t have many friends to ask them about those things, so I decided to ask you. I can see that there are a lot of different opinions, and I am glad that you shared them with me.

Thank you, you are really great support.